My goal in my life is to Learn continuously, serve humanity, bring change simultanously   

Dr. Farokh L Kakar is an environmental Engineer at Brown and Caldwell and Founder of Blue College of Water and Technology.  Dr. Kakar is also the founder and president of Canadian Young Water Professionals and former Emerging Water Leader at International Water Association (IWA) also serving as Vice President of Young Professionals in Canadian Association for Water Quality (CAWQ). In addition, she is the Global Ambassador of the Society of Women Engineers empowering women in engineering internationally.

Dr. Kakar has completed her master and doctoral studies in Civil Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Her research mainly focused on resource recovery from waste. During her PhD, she has won the most prestigious scholarship in Canada (Vanier) awarded based on academic excellence and leadership. She has also served on the senate committee representing graduate students at Ryerson University.
Dr. Kakar is the first tech company owner, and the only female professor in their faculty back in Afghanistan. Dr. Kakar is the winner of more than 20 awards in leadership, presentation, and academic excellence. She has a record of 5 book chapters, 20+peer reviewed journal articles, and 20+ conference presentations in 4 years and finishing her Ph.D. program in less than 3 years. She has been a keynote, invited speaker and panelist for more than 20 conferences speaking about the Circular Economy, Women & YWP’s role in Water.

Farokh laqa Kakar Career Journey

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