George Brown College, Toronto, Canada 

  • Thought two courses of “Fundamentals of survey” and “GIS”. 
  • Prepared lecture notes, presentation and course material
  • Presented mathematical concepts and problems in a logical manner by using examples and analogies.

Aug 2019 – Present 

Research Assistant
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

  • Lead a team of 3 researchers for investigating the effect of thermal hydrolysis pretreatment conditions on biofuel and bioenergy production from municipal solid waste 
  • Supervised the team members and instructed them on safety rules and regulations 
  • Trained the team members on water quality analysis and biochemical methane potential test
  • Designed the experiments to optimize the operating conditions
  • Conducted the thermal pretreatment test and supervised the team on conducting the biomethane tests

May 2019 – Aug 2019 

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 

  • Counselled, mentored, instructed, and advised 6 different undergraduate classes of 25-30 student each 
  • Assisted professor with classroom instructions, proctoring and grading of exams, record keeping, and other miscellaneous projects
  • Instructed 2-3 new assistants for job orientation and teaching methodology
  • Wrote grant proposal that brought in total of $26,000 for teaching development project
  • Designed, prepared, and produced visual manuals for the geology course

Sep 2017 – Apr 2019

Associate Professor-Vice Dean
Balkh University, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

  • Taught “Geology for Engineers”, “Environmental Studies for Mining”, “Hydrogeology” and “Fundamentals of Survey” courses to up to 200+ undergraduates at a time
  • Conducted research on “The Geological Extension of the Alburz Sulphur deposit depicted by hyper spectral remote sensing and GIS: development of new methods for interactive mineral exploration with UAV in an inaccessible area of Afghanistan”
  • Executed and monitored faculty administration and governance, including participating various academic board committees and being acting chair of Academic Board
  • Developed new curriculum for the newly established department of Environmental Engineering
  • Elected and appointed few senior positions within the university

Jan 2014 – Feb 2016

Project Manager -Teacher Trainer
Omega International, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

  • Directed and monitored the operation and implementation of the Female Teacher Training Project, the first project in country bringing female students from rural area to be trained in city
  • Communicated and got the confirmations of government in ministry level for implementing and extending the project
  • Developed and designed a special curriculum and initiated teaching methodologies suitable for rural areas
  • Delivered the training packages including Science and Pedagogy to the beneficiaries

Sep 2013 – Nov 2015

President and Founder
Raihan Consulting and Technology Services Company, Balkh, Afghanistan
The only woman owned and run IT Company in the Northern Afghanistan

  • Oversaw finance and administration; duties included working on project budgets (USD $5000-50,000), managing bills and invoices, writing proposals, work plans and contracts for clients
  • Managed client relations and acquired ~4 project contracts of 4-6 months duration in major cities in the Northern Region
  • Participated in the Bpeace program (U.S.-based nonprofit providing support to entrepreneurs in Afghanistan); shared knowledge learned with staff through presentations and written material; topics included marketing administration and business management

Jan 2010 – Dec 2012

President and Founder
The Other Half NGO, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan
First nonprofit in the country helping women to get free computer education

  • Wrote proposals and fundraising presentations to international organizations, such as USAID, World Bank and GIZ; secured ~$50,000 for classroom maintenance
  • Delivered basic computer skill classes (introduction to the internet and Microsoft Office) to ~240 students in one year

Feb 2011-Dec 2012